At sonicsense we have an inexhaustible music repertoire, that is continuously updated by our team of music industry experts. You will never need to buy another CD or song; ever again.

Our advanced software platform categorises and creates music that is tailored to your specific requirements.“CATEGORISE MUSIC GENRES, TAG YOUR FAVORITE SONGS, CREATE TIME SCHEDULING. ALL FROM SONICREMOTE SOFTWARE”

First of all we ‘categorise’ the music into genres, then we ‘tag’ the music with specific requirements such as ‘Demographics’; (age, gender, social class), beats per minute, energy level and atmosphere and finally we ‘create channels’ that are intuitively linked. This creates a consistent and recognisable atmosphere, biding your customers to your brand and creates a unique purchasing experience for your customers.

Our playlist categories range from;

• Jazz
• House
• Techno
• Oldies
• Soul
• Rock
• Dance
• Classic
• Disco
• Latin
• Chillout
• Country
• Hip-Hop
• Electro
• And many more…


You can rely on our expertise – we use the latest technology to deliver optimised solutions from our music and media professionals. We will be at your side for any fine-tuning and modifications, allowing you the flexibility to change your atmosphere as needed with the latest trends, seasons, activities and collections.