Our flexible online system leads the market by allowing you to centrally control all of your sonicsense Terminals. Change the acoustic environment in each and every store, or groups of stores simultaneously, in real-time.

Reach your customer base directly, by adding professional advertising spots (whether they are your own, or from external partners) directly into your music channel. Schedule how frequently the ads are played and specify particular days and times.

Finally, we provide professional music consultancy services, working with you to create a music channel that best fits the unique needs and demands of your business. Our music consultants can explain the advantages that the right music brings, linking your customers emotionally with your products.

Bars, Restaurants and Hospitality

In such a competitive industry, customer retention is key. Providing the right acoustic environment will only enhance their in-store experience and create an emotional synergy that will keep them coming back again and again. The sonicsense system allows time controlled adjustments to best fit your customer profiles – for example, the music environment can change automatically from the morning, to the afternoon, to the evening and beyond.

Central control means that you maintain the right acoustic environment at all times – staff can no longer influence the playlist, changing approved CDs and playlists to their own individual preferences.

sonicsense brings you music that fits your clients perfectly, updated daily.

Fitness Centre’s and Spas

Whether you need up-beat music for an exercise environment, or chill-out music for relaxation areas, sonicsense provides the latest music as well as your customers favourite classics. We only select music that fits the environment perfectly – for instance, only providing content that meets standard requirements like “beats per minute” in our fitness music channels.

Our extensive selection of “royalty-free” music content can also help you manage licensing payments, allowing you to keep your costs under control.